St Simons Island Fish Species

Common St. Simons Island Fish Species Questions

What fish are at St. Simons Island?

St. Simons Island is home to a diverse range of fish species, including redfish, trout, flounder, sheepshead, and tarpon. Unreel Charters GA specializes in fishing charters in the area, providing knowledgeable guides and top-notch equipment to help anglers target and catch these various fish species, maximizing their fishing experience on St. Simons Island's waters.

Can you fish on St Simon Island?

Absolutely! Fishing is a popular activity on St. Simons Island, and Unreel Charters GA is well-equipped to enhance your fishing experience. They offer fishing charters and expert guidance, ensuring that you have the best opportunities to fish and make the most out of your time on St. Simons Island's abundant fishing grounds.

Where can I fish in St. Simons Island?

There are numerous great fishing spots in St. Simons Island, including the St. Simons Pier, nearby beaches, marshes, and tidal creeks. Unreel Charters GA, with their extensive knowledge of the area, can guide you to the best fishing locations, whether it's on their fishing charters or by providing recommendations for prime fishing spots, ensuring you have a successful and enjoyable fishing experience in St. Simons Island.

A Unreel Charters GA Fishing Charter targets the top St Simons Island Fish species including Crevalle Jack (Also Called Horse Crevalle, Jack ), Redfish (Also Called Red Drum, Channel Bass, Spottail Bass), Sheepshead (Also Called Convict Fish, Sheephead ), Tarpon (Also Called Silver King, Silverfish, Sábalo ), Sea Trout (Also Called Speckled Trout, Spotted Sea Trout), Tripletail (Also Called Tripletail, Black Grunt, Black Perch, Bouyfish, Flasher, Chobie, Biajaca De La Mar, Flasher, Steamboat), Southern Flounder (Also Called Flounder, Plie ). We primarily Fish the Atlantic Ocean.